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The Nijmegen Arabic/Dutch Dictionary Project

Time Table

1990 The foundation Middle East Transfer in Nijmegen took up the plan to compile a Dutch-Arabic/Arabic-Dutch dictionary

1991 An advisory group appointed by the Minister gives high priority to a Dutch-Arabic/Arabic-Dutch dictionary.

1991 The Dutch Ministry of Education and Science was requested to subsidize a feasibility study.

1991 December: the Ministry granted the requested subsidy,

1992 final report of the feasibility study presented to the Ministry of Education

1993 The CLVV (Commission for Lexicographic Translation Facilities) was established

1994 The proposal was presented to the CLVV

1997 January: The contract was signed by the University of Nijmegen and the CLVV

1997 March: The compilation of the dictionary started

2002 January: All staff except the project coordinator were made redundant because of lack of funding

2002 August: The database was officially accepted and approved for by the CLVV

2003 October publication of both volumes of the dictionary

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