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The Nijmegen Arabic/Dutch Dictionary Project

1.3.1 Proof entries


As mentioned, in 1994 the CLVV asked us to prepare a number of proof entries Arabic-Dutch, which were to be compared with the materials produced by the other applicant, Mark van Mol.


These pages containing 10 entries are only available as pdf-scans, since the original file got lost.


When we compare these entries with the final product we notice considerable differences, not only in presentation but also in content.


Needless to say these proof entries were a first finger exercise for the real lexicographic work. When we presented our plans we always admitted we did not have any tangible lexicographic results available.


In the pre-execution stage we had only  been collecting supportive materials like a compilation of existing digital vocabulary lists , the compilation of a text corpus and a collection of collocations and idiomatic expressions from digital texts read and processed.


Still, the outcome of the comparison between our proof entries and the entries presented by our 'competitor' was that the CLVV charged us with the compilation of the two larger dictionaries and the competitor was entrusted the compilation of his learner's dictionaries, which were published in 2001.

The following links show 5 pdf-files containing 5 pages with proof entries
- page 1     entries: 'a (interrogative particle), 'abad, 'axadha (أ، أبد، أخذ)
- page 2     entries: continuation of 'axadha, allah (أخذ، ألله)
- page 3    entries: continuation of allah, thaabit, siyaasa (الله، ثابت، سياسة)
- page 4    entries: continuation of siyaasa, SaHiiH, Talab, kursiyy (سياسة، صحيح، طلب، كرسيّ)
- page 5    entries: continuation of kursiyy, mawqif (كرسيّ، موقف)

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